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Toki Thrash Metal from Catalonia (Spain). It's the first album from the band and it features some nice variety in between the bursts of agression and riffs \m/ Favorite track: Scions of the Void.
Jaime Díaz-Otero Núñez
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Jaime Díaz-Otero Núñez I've got many reasons to be proud of this album. Maybe you should listen to it so you could understand why? Try it out! Favorite track: Scions of the Void.
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Sergio The debut of Reek is an very powerfull album, with all the power of the thrash and progressive, perfect mixed. I think it's a really good start here Favorite track: Babidi Resurrection.
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“Necrogenesis” takes one step further what the band displayed in their EP, improving in terms of style and maturity, and exhibits a unique mix of thrash and progressive metal spiced with details from other genres: a balanced combination of heavy styles and carefully arranged melodies and harmonies.

The album was recorded by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios (Terrassa, Barcelona) except from drums, which were recorded at Alfred Berengena’s Your Sound Studio in Pla de l’Estany (Girona).

“Necrogenesis” has been mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) and its artwork has been designed by Ideophony (Ihsahn, Leprous).


released February 4, 2014



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Reek Sabadell, Spain

Reek is a metal band founded in Sabadell in 2011. Its current members are Oriol Pérez (guitar), Gerard Torà (guitar), Iván lara (vocals), Sergio López (bass) and Oscar Naranjo (drums).

The band has recently published their first album, "Necrogenesis", which displays a mixture of both thrash and progressive metal.

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Track Name: The Sound of Decadence
Something, somewhere, went terribly wrong
Empty music for empty souls
Can you hear that? The sound of who’s hollow inside
Can you hear that? This is the sound of decadence

Selling your soul to the highest bidder
so fast it’s forgotten from where you come
It doesn’t matter, it’s only what you appear
It doesn’t matter, too bad you sold your soul

Tell me now, how does it feel
to say those things you don’t believe in?
Tell me now, how does it feel
when everything you said rises against you?

Nothing you say has sense for me
I won’t believe any of your lies
I refuse to believe that things can’t change
I refuse to believe I’m gonna end like this

Your mouth barfs piles of shit
Every word is a spit on my face
I refuse to believe that things can’t change
I refuse to believe I’m gonna end like this
Track Name: Violent Winterlight
Awaking into coldness, opening my eyes
I feel better into my nightmares, when I sleep
Every time I wake up I crash into reality
Forgotten in this cell, rotting all alone

Hunger rules my every day, no hope remains here
The whole mankind spits on my face

Violent winterlight
Through a pale window
Violent winterlight
Devouring my sanity

Humid stone walls surround my existence
In front of me, blood-stained steel bars
My grubby hands are numb, I’m the only one left here
Everybody has gone away, but their voices remain in my head

Violent winterlight
Through a pale window
Violent winterlight
Devouring my sanity

I crawl upon this infective floor, I’ll finish this by myself
The walls that trapped me will release my soul
My life has become senseless, there’s only one way out
Say goodbye to no one, say hello to the void
Track Name: Hypochondriac
I’m writing these letters
If my rotten hand, my agony, they allow me…
Tremors are shaking my hand
Blades stab my body and all this mind

Nightmares when I’m awake
They appear when I less need them, they don’t go away
Sanity leaves me to my fate
Cold sight that brings this fear I hate

Are you fine?
No… You are not fine.

Nightmares when I’m awake
They appear when I less need them, they don’t go away
I refuse the pass of time
Every second I spend is a step that brings me to die

Are you fine?
No… You are not fine.

In the end I learnt to appreciate life
Not to care about the shit that everybody says
This is only learnt with kicks and thumps
This is only learnt when you are full of trash
Track Name: Human Condition
Dive into the abyss of gore
to find the crumbling code
of a so-called high form of life
whose burning pride went too far

Sinking in a tainted sea
we mutilated Earth’s pristine core
but soon our ruthless wrath
will poison us from within

flows through us, claiming for this blackened blood
runs through our veins, insanity is conceived in this rotten brain

we are next, six is the number that marks our end
embraces us, eating our bodies as our messiah said

burns in blind eyes, boiling venom infects the flesh
consumes our fate, crawling to the hole we came from

is running out: regression in evolution, back to our dawn
comes to us: beasts we are, as beasts we’ll act

The chains are on
This is our damnation, our fair judgement
No turning back
It’s too late for dreams of redemption
Slay your own sibs
Stabbing the breeding machine in its womb
No silver linings
For centuries we dug our own grave

Human condition. Human sacrifice.

Now we realize
We cannot escape from our own carnage
Nowhere to hide
This is the end of humans’ dark age
Our fate is black
Hallowed be thy blade that’ll cut our heads off
Our time has passed
Released from corruption, Earth will breathe again

Human condition. Human sacrifice.
Track Name: Pernicious Gerontophiliac Commitment
This is the story of a sick lunatic
Who searched elder dens to shove in his stick
Let me tell you about a man, this poor prick
Whose card in the sleeve was the cream on his ***

He searched for grannies in his town’s geriatric
claiming he would help them overcome
the loneliness created by their relatives
and the thought of their lives coming to an end

One day he took down a prey to his place
in order to give her libidinous medicine
The poor old woman almost couldn’t walk
but she could hide a knife in her coat

He didn’t know she had been told
and she was on a quest to stop his lunacy
So when the fella pulled out his ***
the blade flew out and sliced the spear

The blood spattered and soiled the walls
The dude passed out with his pants on the ankles
And to make sure he wouldn’t survive
she stabbed him with a dildo in the eye
Track Name: Scions of the Void
Empty eyes
staring at an endless trench
Bleak white light
obliterating ancient bonds
Alienating machinery
new-fangled dressed isolation
Psychotic vortex
creator of illusive bliss

Nothing but husks we are
striving to feel, wilting inside
Wandering around an infinite
garden of misery and confusion
And even if you know
you cannot escape from it
Remember you are